Mad Science of Hampton Roads Workshops

Would you like to enhance your science curriculum? Mad Science offers hands-on preschool and elementary-level workshops for kids that complement concepts taught in class. It’s like taking a field trip without ever leaving the classroom!

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The Workshop Experience

A science field trip, without the bus!

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All About Our In-Class Workshops!

SOL Workshops

Do SOLs have you calling out an S.O.S.? Let us help your 5th grade students achieve SOL success with our interactive workshops!

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Preschool Workshops

Preschool workshops offer hands-on learning experiences for kids ages 3-5. We cover age-appropriate science topics like air, animals, weather, & more!

Workshop Topics
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K-2 Workshops

Our in-class, interactive K-2 workshops are aligned to STEM objectives, and age appropriate. SOL correlations available upon request.

Workshop Topics
2 girls holding beakers and a boy looking down while teacher points to one of the beakers.

3-6 Workshops

Our in-class 3-6 workshops are also aligned to STEM objectives, and designed to challenge older students. SOL correlations are available upon request.

Workshop topics
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Happy Customers

Here's what teachers have to say about our workshops!

We went from 68 percent of our students meeting the standard in science to 91 percent meeting the standard (explaining the impact of Mad Science workshops on his students' test scores).


Dallas, TX

My students enjoyed the Matter Matters in school field trip! They were excited and engaged.


Wake Forest, DC

James visited our school today and the children absolutely loved his workshop on forces. He kept them entertained, highly amused and engaged for the whole hour. The workshop sparked lots of interest in my year six class and provoked lots of understanding and thinking. I would highly recommend Mad Science! Thanks very much!


Manchester, UK


For what ages are Mad Science workshops appropriate?

Our workshops are appropriate for children between 3-5 for Preschool Workshops, & 5-12 for Elementary-level Workshops.


How can these workshops benefit teachers?

Teachers don’t always have the time & resources required to prepare interactive science programs. Our experienced instructors come right into the teacher’s classroom with all the equipment, supplies, and staff. Our programs are fun, educational & reinforce concepts taught in class.


How can these workshops benefit students?

Children will learn about science by touching, feeling, and even tasting their science experiments. We leave students inspired and hungry to learn more. We spark imaginative learning!


Can parents bring a workshop to their child’s school?

If your child's school does not yet have Mad Science programming, please talk to your child's teacher or principal. Mad Science can customize programming for your child's school or district curriculum.


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations received at least one week prior to the program date will be subject to a cancellation charge of 20% of total event price. No refunds for cancellations within 7 days of the event, but you may reschedule and apply any deposits toward an alternate program date, subject to availability.


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