Virtual Camp Themes


S.T.E.A.M.: Design, Build, Create

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math are all explored in this camp! Put on your engineer's hat for this exciting week, where we will assemble and work with a variety of simple machines, structures and more! Help your child become a true Mad Scientist as you learn about chemical reactions, and a young astronaut while exploring the mysteries of the solar system. (rising grades 1-6)


Shipwreck Island

This camp puts children on a “deserted island” on which they must work together to devise a means for collecting food and water, build shelters, bridges, and learn about the science behind survival fun! The children eventually design a means to escape the island and come home. (rising grades 1-6)


3,2,1...Blast off!

Take a trip into the galaxy! Campers will learn about the history of space travel and how some space vehicles work. This camp will introduce children to and show them how amazing our Milky Way is. (rising grades 2-6)\n\n


NASA Journey Into Outer Space

Take a voyage of discovery into the atmosphere and beyond! Explore planets, moons and other space phenomena in our solar system. Discover the difficulties of space travel, the challenges of living in space and try assembling a satellite while training to be an astronaut. (rising grades 1-6)


Mad Science Flight Academy

From the earliest flying machines to the first rocket flights, this hands-on program will allow campers to build many different flying devices. Junior test pilots will launch a variety of flying machines including; balloon copters, a hovercraft, paper airplanes, kites, Frisbees, parachutes, rockets and more! (rising grades 2-6)

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